Understanding the Business Environment, Issue Monitoring and Management


Understanding the Business Environment, Issue Monitoring and Management
Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas

Are you monitoring trends and developments in the business environment and assessing their implications for your business and its customers?

Is there a process in place for identifying and addressing challenges and recognising and seizing opportunities?

Are your people equipped to remain current, competitive and vital and to cope with challenges and opportunities as they arise?

Purpose and Benefits
This one day workshop should enable you to better understand challenges and opportunities in the marketplace and craft effective responses. You will learn what winners ‘do differently’ to enable people to cope and remain competitive in the face of developments in the business environment and market context 

Who should attend:
Members of the board and management team; sales, marketing and customer service teams; and those concerned with strategy, strategic planning and direction and management processes.


Dependent upon the number of people for whom the course is relevant. The approach adopted will reflect the number of attendees and nature of their interests and needs. A workshop could be organised for a corporate board, and/or those concerned with strategic planning or an organisations processes, or the community of people concerned with creating new business opportunities and helping customers respond to challenges and opportunities in the business and market environment. 

To help participants identify trends and developments in the business environment, assess their possible impacts and likely implications; and determine appropriate responses for addressing challenges and exploiting opportunities.

The course will include working sessions during which participants will undertake an issue monitoring and management exercise. Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding the business and market environment.
  • Monitoring trends and developments and assessing their likely impacts.
  • Understanding how customers are likely to be affected.
  • Deciding which issues to address.
  • Determining what needs to be done at local and corporate level.
  • Building issue monitoring and management into direction setting, planning and management processes.
  • Understanding the approaches of successful companies.
  • Helping people to remain competitive and current.

Participants will understand how to undertake a periodic issue monitoring and management exercise, and will have:

  • Identified, assessed and prioritised significant trends and developments in the business and market environment of their organisation.
  • Assessed the likely impacts of these developments upon both their organisation and its customers.
  • Considered what needs to be done in response to address potential challenges and exploit identified opportunities.

Course Materials:
In addition to the short briefing note provided, course organisers can opt to buy copies of Prof. Coulson-Thomas’ book Winning Companies; Winning People which sets out what high performers do differently in areas critical for corporate success.

Course Leader:
Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas has designed and introduced processes and practices for issue monitoring and management, and undertaken issue monitoring and management for a number of organisations, including Xerox Corporation. An experienced chairman of award winning companies he has developed approaches and methodologies that have been used by hundreds of companies and thousands of consultants worldwide. He led the performance improvement, corporate transformation and winning business research and best practice programmes and recently completed a five-year investigation into more affordable routes to high performance. He became the world’s first Professor of Corporate Transformation and is the author of over forty books and reports including ‘Winning Companies; Winning People’. Colin has reviewed the processes and practices for winning business of over 100 companies, helped over 100 boards and management teams to improve corporate performance, and has delivered over 300 presentations to national, international and corporate events in over 40 countries. His course is based upon a healthy mixture of both in-depth research and extensive practical experience.