Transforming Healthcare

Are there practical and cost effective ways of making it easier for healthcare professionals to do demanding jobs?

Is there a way of transforming healthcare performance while controlling costs and safeguarding patient safety?

How do we ensure and rise standards and achieve better outcomes for patients?

Do you and your organisation’s board provide the will, purpose and direction your organisation needs to confront healthcare challenges?

What do recent developments in patient and practitioner support mean for your board? How could it add more value?

Learn how to build an effective healthcare board composed of competent directors that will provide your organisation with the strategic direction it needs to succeed and satisfy healthcare stakeholder requirements.


Healthcare organisations around the world face a combination of challenges, but there are also opportunities to transform healthcare. Often the process of transformation needs to begin in the boardroom. This course overviews the possibilities and sets out an affordable path to high performance healthcare organisations. It covers:

  • Healthcare challenges and Opportunities
  • Providing Strategic Leadership in Healthcare
  • Creating an Effective Healthcare Board

Who should attend?

 Current and aspiring healthcare leaders. Healthcare board chairmen, executive and non-executive members of healthcare boards and where appropriate key members of the senior management team and/or those with directorial ambitions and prospects. It will also benefit senior members of healthcare professions, healthcare regulators, those holding related public body and voluntary sector appointments, and those responsible for appointing and developing directors.


 As a minimum the core boardroom and healthcare team should attend courses for particular healthcare boards. The maximum will depend upon the number of people for whom the programme is relevant. The approach adopted will reflect the number of attendees and the nature of their interests and needs.


To enable participants to understand:

  • How to provide effective strategic direction in a healthcare context
  • The challenges faced by healthcare organisations and boards, and how they should be addressed
  • How a new generation of support tools could transform the work and performance of healthcare professionals
  • The distinction between direction and management, and how to create more competent directors and more effective and responsible boards
  • How directors are and should be prepared for the boardroom
  • Typical obstacles to director contribution and healthcare board effectiveness and how they can be overcome


 The course will cover the following topics:

  • Role and function of the healthcare board
  • Providing strategic direction
  • Issue monitoring and management
  • Challenges faced by healthcare boards
  • Improving patient safety
  • Ensuring and raising standards
  • Compliance with procedures
  • Best practice clinical pathways
  • Achieving better outcomes for patients
  • Healthcare innovation and collaborative working
  • Increasing healthcare productivity and reducing stress
  • Education and training and continuing professional development
  • Supporting professional practitioners and monitoring performance
  • Visioning
  • Corporate governance and distinction between direction and management
  • The competent director (qualities, knowledge and competencies required)
  • The effective board (including common obstacles to effectiveness)
  • Board best practice
  • Direction setting and monitoring processes
  • Selection and appointment of directors
  • Developing directors
  • Building the boardroom team and evaluating performance
  • The board and healthcare transformation
  • Support tools for implementing healthcare policies and acting responsibly
  • Ensuring compliance and risk management
  • Next steps (including understanding where you are)


 Participants will understand – or, in the case of experienced healthcare leaders, build upon their awareness of – what it takes for healthcare leaders and members of healthcare boards to become and remain effective, both individually and, in the case of boards, collectively and be introduced to a new approach to transforming healthcare. In particular, they will understand:

  • Key requirements for effective healthcare leadership
  • The challenges faced by healthcare boards and how they should be addressed
  • How healthcare professionals can be better supported and their performance transformed and better outcomes achieved for patients
  • The distinction between direction and management, and how to create more competent directors and more effective and responsible healthcare boards
  • Typical obstacles to director development, director contribution and board effectiveness and how they can be overcome
  • How to develop an effective and successful boardroom team
  • Steps healthcare boards can take to ensure practitioners remain current, take appropriate clinical pathway decisions and safeguard the interests of patients.

Course Materials:

 In addition to a course summary handout, if required delegates can also receive a copy of Transforming Public Services, a 203 page A4 size report that sets out a more affordable route to achieving greater returns on investment and building a high performance public organisation, and/or Developing Directors, a handbook for building an effective boardroom team.

Course Leader:

 Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas, an experienced director and board chairman and author of Transforming Public Services and Developing Directors, has advised over 100 boards on improving director, board and corporate performance. He has re-engineered end-to-end healthcare processes, and been the process vision holder of large and complex transformation projects in highly regulated environments. A former Dean and university campus head, he was the world’s first professor of corporate transformation.

Colin served for ten years on the Board of Moorfields Eye Hospital, two terms on the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine, and nine years on the National Biological Standards Board. A fellow of seven chartered bodies he has also been Chair of the Audit and Governance Committee of his local Primary Care Trust (NHS Peterborough) and served on the boards of both NHS Cambridgeshire and NHS Peterborough. He currently serves as a Lay Member of the General Osteopathic Council and chair of the council’s Education and Registration Standards Committee, and on the Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee of the ACCA.

The author of some 40 books and reports, Colin’s other publications include Talent Management 2, Transforming Knowledge Management, Creating Excellence in the Boardroom, Shaping Things to Come, Transforming the Company, The Knowledge Entrepreneur and Winning Companies; Winning People, making it easy for average performers to adopt winning behaviours. He has spoken on governance and transforming performance at over 200 national and international events in over 40 countries. His recent publications can be obtained from