Training Course

Winning Companies; Winning People – Making it easy for average performers to adopt winning behaviours
– by Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas

Have you ever wondered why some individuals and groups outperform others who are undertaking equivalent activities in other organisations in a similar situation? Do the most successful operators adopt different approaches? How could their superior approaches be captured and shared?

Can average people compete and win? What is the best way of helping people in key jobs to excel? Is there a cost-effective way to competing and winning, and building a high performance organisation? How can one boost performance and achieve multiple objectives with existing people, cultures and organisations?

Discover how critical success factors for vital activities such as winning business and building customer relationships can be captured and shared. Learn how leading companies successfully manage change, compete and win. Learn key lessons from the approaches and practices of over 2,000 companies. Find out what winners do differently and how to obtain large returns on investment.