Training Course

Talent Management 2 – A quicker and more cost effective route to the high performance Organisation
– by Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas

How could the talent of your organisation be better developed and engaged? Is there an alternative to costly bidding wars for top talent? Are there practical ways of ensuring that talent remains relevant, current and competitive?

Is there a way to build talent, cut costs and increase individual and team performance while at the same time avoiding disruption, minimising risks and reducing stress? Are there steps involving quick paybacks that you could take to benefit both your people and your organisation?

How do you build a winning team in an era of uncertainty and change, when you may not be sure about what your organisation’s structure, requirements and priorities might be in a few years time? Will ‘high flier’ and other programmes retain and deliver the right people at the times and points when they required?

Is there a better and more cost effective and flexible way of ensuring that your organisation will have people who are able to cope and excel at all stages of a transformation journey, or when venturing into an unknown future?