Stress Free Performance Transformation

Is there a way to cut costs and increase performance while at the same time avoiding risks and reducing stress? Are there practical steps involving quick paybacks and multiple returns on investment that can be taken to yield a variety of benefits and secure competitive advantage?

 Find out what winners do differently during tough times and secure multiple benefits from reduced operating costs and quicker responses to increased compliance and bespoke offerings. Discover critical success factors for vital activities such as winning business and building customer relationships. Learn Share key lessons from the approaches and practices of over 2,000 companies.

Who Should Attend?

 Ambitious boards and/or management teams who would like to transform their organisations’ prospects. The programme will benefit directors and managers who would like to learn how to identify key areas to focus upon and increase their ability to compete and win in competitive markets. While aimed particularly at directors and entrepreneurs the course will also benefit those holding public body and voluntary sector appointments.


 Individual directors, entrepreneurs and those responsible for the performance of key work groups are welcome at public courses.

As a minimum the core boardroom team should attend courses for particular organisations. The maximum will depend upon the number of people for whom the programme is relevant. The approach adopted will reflect the number of attendees and the nature of their interests and needs.


 Many change and transformation programmes designed to increase performance put people under stress and cause resistance and resentment. The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of an approach which can deliver multiple benefits for both people and organisations.


 To equip key players such as those responsible for business development and delivering corporate performance with an understanding of:

  • opportunities to secure competitive advantage
  • stress free ways of simultaneously getting multiple benefits, quick paybacks and multiple returns on investment;
  • what they need to do to adopt winning (and avoid losing) approaches in areas vital for competitive success;
  • what ‘superstars’ and successful organisations and work groups do differently;
  • critical success factors for competing and winning; and
  • how pioneering companies are making it easy for average performers to do difficult jobs in a winning way.


 The course will cover the following topics:

  • Setting the Scene – Learning from best practice
  • Winning and loosing approaches to challenging economic conditions
  • Stress free performance transformation
  • Critical success factors for competing and winning
  • Case study examples of what pioneering companies are doing to secure competitive advantage in competitive markets
  • Increasing understanding of complex areas
  • Making it easier for people in stressful roles to do difficult jobs
  • Using job support tools to transform key workgroup performance
  • Helping people to help themselves
  • Key lessons from the experiences of pioneers

Course Materials:

 If required, all delegates can receive a copy of ‘Winning Companies; Winning People, Making it easy for average performers to adopt winning behaviours’ by Colin Coulson-Thomas and published by Policy Publications.


Struggling organisations often devote great effort and perform well in areas that are not critical to competitive success. Delegates will:

  • discover how to obtain multiple benefits while at the same time reducing stress by making it easier for people to do difficult jobs
  • learn how leading companies focus upon critical success factors for vital activities such as winning business and successfully compete and win;
  • find out why some work groups and enterprises are so much more successful than others;
  • discover how ‘superstars’ operate and what winners do differently in competitive markets and tough economic times;
  • learn key lessons from the approaches and practices of over 2,000 companies;
  • share the experiences of pioneering companies that have transformed the performance of key work groups.

Course Leader:

Dr Colin Coulson-Thomas, an experienced company chairman of award winning companies, has advised over 100 boards on director, board and corporate development and reviewed the processes and practices for winning business of over 100 companies. Formerly the worlds first Professor of Corporate Transformation and Process Vision Holder of major transformation projects, his experience includes periods as the UK’s first Professor of Competitiveness and a Professor of Direction and Leadership. Colin has served on a variety of private sector boards, and also on public sector boards at local, regional and national level. He is the author of over 40 books and reports including ‘Developing Directors, a handbook for building an effective boardroom team’, ‘The Knowledge Entrepreneur’, ‘Winning Companies: Winning People, making it easy for average performers to adopt winning behaviours’ and reports such as ‘Transforming Knowledge Management‘, ‘Talent Management 2‘ and ‘Transforming Public Services‘ which set out a more cost-effective route to high performance organisations. He has spoken on corporate governance and leading business development, performance improvement and corporate transformation at over 200 national, international and corporate events in over 40 countries.