1. Article On Better Business Focus
  2. Article On The Future of Governance
  3. Director Today November 2015 article on Director and Board Development
  4. Speach – Building Tomorrows Boards London Global Convention On Governance And Sustainability 2015
  5. Effective Corporate Governance Sustainability Mandate of the Board
  6. Turn Environmental Challenges into Business Opportunities – BBF
  7. The Future of Governance, Elms Discussion Paper
  8. Article on Leadership, Strategy and the Environment
  9. Article on professionalism and company directors
  10. London Global Convention 2015 Theme Paper
  11. Management Service Article on professionalism Autumn 2015
  12. Article – Book Chapter on Environmental Governance Questions for Directors
  13. Article on Directors Dilemmas
  14. Article on Implications of Modi Red Fort Speech
  15. Article on Boards to Lead Effective Corporate Governance and Sustainability
  16. Article on Changing Behaviours without Culture Change
  17. Article on Leadership, Culture, Behaviour and Sustainability
  18. Article On Corporate Strategy
  19. Article on Contemporary Issues and Challenges
  20. Article on Building Entrepreneurship Culture
  21. Article on Corporate Conduct and Behaviour
  22. Article on Culture and Behaviours
  23. Article on Corporate Governance Conduct and Culture
  24. Article on Building and Managing High Performance Boards
  25. Article on Integrity in Business and the Boardroom
  26. Article on Business Excellence
  27. Article on Communicating for Employee and Customer Loyalty
  28. Article on Coping with Economic Uncertainty
  29. Article on Creating an Entrepreneurial and Innovative Organisation
  30. Article on Engagement and ‘New Leadership’
  31. Article on Environmental concerns and Corporate action
  32. Article on Transforming Healthcare
  33. Business Education and Corporate Learning


  1. Paper on Boards to Lead Effective Corporate Governance and Sustainability.
  2. Paper on Leadership and Sustainability.
  3. Actionable CSR  Enabling Socially Responsible Behaviour.
  4. Addressing  Governance  challenges  of  Healthcare  Boards.
  5. CORPORATE Governance and Sustainability Rhetoric or Reality.
  6. Energising Through Visioning And Engagement.
  7. Engaged Research Conference  Paper Enabling Informed Choices.
  8. Global Convention Briefing on the Environment City.
  9. ICGC Boardroom Values, Motivations and Aspirations.
  10. Innovative Business Strategies  And Global Health.
  11. Paper on Talent Management 1.
  12. Paper on Talent Management.
  13. Paper on Implementing CSR Strategy.
  14. Paper on Regenerating Boards for Quality Leadership.
  15. Talent Management 2 for Today’s Leaders.
  16. To Business Excellence and Beyond.

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