Are you happy with your corporate learning? Are your people being sent on general courses or are they receiving the support they need to excel in their jobs? How affordable are your approaches and how quickly do they impact upon performance? Do people view what you provide as helpful or a distraction?

In an era of uncertainty and insecurity more affordable approaches that impact more quickly on multiple objectives are required. More of the same will not be good enough. Going with the flow and copying others will not differentiate or result in market leadership.

Too many people are offered general learning programmes rather than the specific and personalised support they need to be effective in their jobs. Corporate learning needs to re-focus upon helping key work groups to excel by adopting the superior approaches of high performers.

What is being shared on courses is often ‘commodity knowledge’ that is available to others. It does not differentiate or represent a source of competitive advantage. It is hard to stand out, innovate and become a market leader by copying everyone else.

Many organisations could obtain a higher return on their expenditures on corporate learning if a different approach were adopted. There needs to be greater prioritisation and focus upon quickly delivering tangible improvements to performance and other corporate objectives.

Integrating working and learning and putting a job-focused learning and performance support system in place can deliver multiple benefits for individuals, organisations and the environment by working with one’s existing people and without requiring a change of corporate culture or structure.

Many corporate learning initiatives promise jam tomorrow rather than a measurable contribution to key corporate objectives today. Speed of impact can be vital. Competition is relentless. If today’s problems are not addressed, and new windows of opportunity are not quickly seized, a company may not have a tomorrow.

Corporate learning needs to reflect current issues, priorities and concerns. In a business environment characterised by innovation, uncertainty and insecurity speed of impact, flexibility and affordability are increasingly important. ELMS Global can help you to satisfy all these requirements and also simultaneously contribute to multiple objectives.

The future of corporate learning is whatever our imagination will allow it to be. The reality can be better than our expectations based upon past experience. There are exciting and cost-effective possibilities. Let ELMS Global help you to create a better, more affordable and more successful future for your organisation and its people.

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