Our Advantage

At ELMS Global we stand out from other providers across the training industry in a number of ways.

Evidence Based:

At Elms Global our programme content is evidence based, pragmatic and highly effective. For example, our core sales approaches stem from Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas’s work on Winning Companies; Winning Business applied research which is a synthesis of best practice drawn from over 2,000 companies. The world’s first Professor of Corporate Transformation, Colin is The author of over fourty books and reports including ‘Transforming Public Services’ ‘Winning Companies Winning People’ ‘Talent management 2′ ‘Developing Directors’.

Understanding of the business transformation process:

At Elms Global we believe in addressing the barriers to change in three detailed but straightforward steps: simplify, improve and transform. In doing so we work with employers to examine all the available options and set out a systematic approach to managing both incremental and fundamental change and highlight the critical success factors at each stage of the transformation journey.

Passionate about continuous learning and development:

At Elms Global we are passionate and understand the importance of learning and development and know that most employers look for bespoke solutions to meet their particular development needs. Equally, we recognize that employees adopt different styles and approaches to learning and that – one size doesn’t fit all. Our detailed client needs assessment combined with highly effective and thought provoking programme content delivered through blended learning techniques and coaching support offers employers and employees the tools they need to translate learning into everyday practice.

Results Oriented:

Measurement of outcomes is critical to learning success. At Elms Global we measure the impact of our training at multiple levels. In doing so we examine;

  1. Feedback received from training participants.
  2. The resulting learning outcomes achieved.
  3. How learning outcomes and knowledge gained are applied in everyday practice within the job role.
  4. The effects of training delivery on achieving business objectives and goals.
  5. Personalized service:

As entrepreneurs at Elms Global we understand and are committed to meeting your business goals in a manner that is both effective and efficient. Our professional and highly personalized service is delivered through sector specialist teams who also take lead responsibility for managing respective client accounts.

Value Added:

Our industry specific partnerships are designed to create a measurable and sustained impact on business performance through holistic, “client centered” learning programmes.

We offer simulation-based workshops, diagnostic, coaching and application tools to support participants to meet their individual and corporate learning goals.

We put as much emphasis on achieving learning outcomes as learning itself and work with our clients to ensure return on investment and added value gains on all learning and development activities undertaken by us.