New Leadership


Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas

Are your people engaged, committed and fulfilled? Do they grow in confidence, competence and capability and learn and develop as they work? 

Do your senior staff manage, motivate and monitor people or are they helping and supporting them? Do colleagues in different departments and functions recognise their role in securing greater engagement, commitment and fulfilment?

In particular, are managers providing cost-effective and scalable 24/7 support that will help their people to excel at critical tasks and remain current and vital?

Does your organisation’s approach to management and leadership recognise the distinct aspirations, preferences and requirements of younger staff? Will you engage and retain the most able members of generation Z? 

Are your board and senior management colleagues planning and hoping for the best, or are they taking affordable and practical steps to implement their policies and achieve key business objectives?

Purpose of Course
In an era of uncertainty and change, customer and staff requirements, and organisation structures and responses are rapidly evolving. More affordable and flexible management and leadership practices are required that enable people and organisations to stay current during transformation journeys.

Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas the course leader has articulated a ‘new leadership’ which shifts the emphasis from motivating and managing people to helping them. It  is less focussed upon planning and top-down approaches and more concerned with implementation and the provision of better support, especially to key workgroups that deliver priority corporate objectives.

Participants will explore the challenges faced by their organisation(s) and examine how ‘new leadership’ can address them and better engage and develop people. They will also learn how better support can be provided to key workgroups and explore cost-effective ways of enabling average performers to excel.

Who should attend?
Ambitious boards and/or management teams who would like to address contemporary challenges and transform their organisations’ prospects. The programme will benefit directors and managers who would like to learn how to identify key areas to focus upon to increase engagement, commitment and fulfilment and successfully manage change, compete and win. While aimed particularly at directors, senior management  and entrepreneurs the course will also benefit those holding public body and voluntary sector appointments. It is also relevant for HR directors and Vice Presidents, Senior Talent Management professionals and others concerned with improving performance. 


The number of delegates will depend upon the numbers of managers involved in activities that impact upon engagement, commitment, development and fulfilment and/or who have responsibilities for workgroups that deliver key corporate objectives. Different delivery options are available to cope with audiences of different sizes.

Some companies have commissioned versions of courses that incorporate group activities such as engagement and other issue monitoring and management exercises that address particular challenges facing their organisations. These can lead to action programmes for addressing identified management and leadership issues. 

To help participants to identify and address key engagement, development, retention, implementation and delivery challenges facing their organisations.

To overview ‘new leadership’ and introduce affordable and cost-effective ways of better engaging people and helping them to remain current and excel.

To outline a more affordable route to high performance organisations that can deliver multiple objectives.

Topics covered will include:

  • Changing customer, staff and organisation requirements.
  • Requirements, preferences and aspirations of generation Z.
  • Overview of ‘new leadership’.
  • Affordable routes to high performance organisations.
  • Communication and engagement
  • What each department and function can contribute
  • Providing learning and performance support.
  • Capturing and sharing what high performers do differently
  • Providing strategic direction and ‘new leadership’.
  • Ways of increasing work group and corporate performance
  • Managing and exploiting know-how
  • Next Steps – Formulating and implementing an action programme

With appropriate briefing a bespoke course could address specific problems faced by a particular organisation.

Delegates will:

  • identify and address engagement, development, retention, implementation and delivery issues facing their organisation(s);
  • appreciate the differing requirements, preferences and aspirations of generation Z.
  • understand the shifting focus of a transition to ‘new leadership';
  • find out how best to provide leadership, direction and support.
  • learn about a more affordable route to a high performance organisation;
  • discover what other organisations are doing to ensure that policies are implemented and their people remain current and vital;
  • explore cost-effective ways of providing better learning and performance support;
  • learn key lessons from the approaches and practices of over 2,000 companies; and
  • share the experiences of pioneering companies that have transformed the performance of key work groups.

Course Leader:
Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas, author of ‘Winning Companies; Winning People, Making it easy for average performers to adopt winning behaviours’ is an international adviser on director, board and business development; change, talent and knowledge management; learning; and transforming performance. An experienced process vision holder of major transformation programmes and an international Change Agent and Transformation Leader Award winner, he was the world’s first Professor of Corporate Transformation and has been a Professor of Competitiveness and Direction and Leadership. He has helped over 100 organizations to improve director, board and corporate performance; reviewed the processes and practices for winning business of over 100 companies; and spoken at over 300 conferences and congresses in over 40 countries.

In addition to Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin’s 40 books and reports include Talent Management 2, Transforming Knowledge Management, Transforming Public Services and Developing Directors. Colin has held professorial appointments in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, India and China, and a variety of private, professional and voluntary sector board roles, including as chairman and president. He has also held public board appointments at national and local level, and is a part-time member of the business school team at the University of Greenwich and an Adjunct Visiting Professor at Manipal University.

A member of ACCA’s Governance, Risk and Performance Global Forum and a Fellow of seven chartered bodies, Colin was educated at the LSE, London Business School, UNISA and the Universities of Aston, Chicago and Southern California. He obtained first place prizes in the final examinations of three professions. His latest publications can be obtained from