The Leadership Team

Dr. / Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas, Chairman & Business Mentor

is an authority on director, board, business, know-how and talent development. He counsels corporate leaders, professional firms and public bodies, and has advised over 100 boards on improving board and/or corporate performance. He also leads the Winning Companies; Winning People and winning business research and best practice programmes and has reviewed the business and related talent development processes and practices of over 100 companies. Colin helps boards and entrepreneurial teams to create and exploit knowledge, develop and support talent, differentiate their offerings and build their businesses.
Dr / Prof. Coulson-Thomas Chairman & Business Mentor
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Surendra Shroff, Chief Executive,

is the co-founder of Elms Global Ltd.
He has worked in a number of advisory/senior management roles across the public, private and not for profit sectors and has successfully led major diversity, leadership and management development and business transformation programmes. A Quality Management Systems practitioner, he has been a ISO 9001:2000 certified Auditor and an EFQM internal assessor across diverse organizational settings. Surendra is closely involved with learning design and has overall responsibility for the business. He holds an MA in Social Policy Administration, an MSc in Public Service Management from the University of Birmingham in UK.

Elizabeth S Harry, Director Operations & Resources

is the co-founder of Elms Global Ltd. Prior to establishing Elms jointly with Surendra, she has had a distinguished career in international banking as the lead for high value business and personal banking customers. As the Director of Operations she is responsible for effective administration, performance management, service improvement, customer care and client support. Elizabeth has a Masters qualification from (UCL) University College London.

Dr. Andrew Lawrence Norton, Course Director

CertDM, DipM, BSc (Hons), MSc, MBA, DBA MCIM Chartered Marketer

Author of ERP II Implementation – Delivering Benefits Realisation.

Andrew leads on public sector enterprise learning at ELMS.

He has extensive experience in the fields of information system research, business development and marketing and is a thought leader in each of his chosen fields.

With a good understanding of enterprise resource planning implementations within a local authority context, Andrew has devoted 10 years of research to resolve an endemic issue of implementation failure. He has developed a training course for ERP II implementation ( He has also developed the CSF Phasing Model to assist implementation practitioners effectively allocate resources; this contribution to knowledge is based on numerous implementations, books and peer reviewed publications.

Andrew is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is a Chartered Marketer.


• Author of 3 books and 9 peer review publications

• Doctorate in Business Administration

• Chartered Marketer

• Delivers training and develops e-learning assets

• Undertakes research within the fields of marketing, information systems and science