Effective Purchasing

Enabling Informed, Effective and Sustainable Purchasing
Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas

Do your buyers and your customers make informed, effective and sustainable buying decisions? What could you do to encourage better and more profitable buying decisions?

Are relationships with customers and suppliers mutually beneficial? Do people understand the critical success factors for effective purchasing and the building of partnering relationships?

What can you do to ensure that suppliers meet your quality and other requirements and those that sell your offerings comply with relevant policies, rules and laws? Are you helping customers to make choices that will lead to lasting relationships?

Purpose of course
New approaches to supporting customers and procurement teams provide an opportunity to transform relationships between buyers and sellers. This course examines affordable ways of building mutually beneficial relationships and helping people to make informed, effective and sustainable purchasing decisions.

Who should attend:
Buyers and Sales, marketing, business development and procurement directors, managers and their teams, key account managers, sales and business associates and representatives of direct and indirect channels. The course is also relevant for those concerned with sustainability and compliance and ambitious entrepreneurs and their sales, marketing and business development teams.


The number of delegates will depend upon how many people are engaged in purchasing and corresponding relationship management and winning business activities. Delivery options are available to cope with audiences of different sizes

Some companies might wish to commission a versions of the course, or a summary presentation based upon it, to accompany buyer, business partner or sales conferences and conventions or periodic meetings of buyers, account managers and/or sales managers, and/or procurement or relationship managers.

To help participants to become more successful at buying and the support of  informed, effective and responsible purchasing.

To highlight the critical success factors for effective purchasing and share the secrets of the success of buyer, sales and relationship management ‘superstars’.

To introduce cost-effective ways of helping procurement, sales, business development, and relationship management teams to raise their game.

The course compares the approaches of companies that succeed in winning competitive bids and further business (winners) with those that struggle and fail (losers) to highlight the critical success factors for important activities such as qualifying opportunities, drafting winning proposals, helping prospects to understand and buy and negotiating successful conclusions.

Topics covered will include:

  • Critical success factors for effective purchasing and relationship.
  • Helping people to take informed, responsible and sustainable buying decisions.
  • Understanding buying processes and selection criteria.
  • Helping suppliers to satisfy quality and other requirements.
  • Affordable ways of changing behaviours and ensuring compliance.
  • Requirements for effective partnering and customer-supplier relationships.
  • Sustainable procurement and business development.
  • Managing buyer, relationship management and business development teams.
  • Communicating and negotiating with business partners.
  • Establishing and building strategic and key account relationships.
  • Building business partnerships.
  • Using buying and customer support tools.

Participants will gain an understanding of the critical success factors for informed, effective and sustainable purchasing, and the building of longer lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

They will also learn from affordable steps which pioneers of performance support have taken to ensure compliance, change behaviours and simultaneously deliver multiple benefits and win-win outcomes for all parties concerned.

Course Leader:
Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas, an experienced director and co-founder of award winning companies,  led the investigations which produced the ‘Effective Purchasing, the Critical Success Factors’ report and the ‘Developing Strategic Customers and Key Accounts’ report. He is also leader of a winning business research and best practice programme, Executive Editor of the ‘Winning Business’ series of reports on winning business in particular sectors and areas of professional practice and joint-author of ‘Winning New Business, the critical success factors’.

Colin has undertaken reviews of the processes and practices of over 100 companies, and helped over 100 boards and management teams to build their businesses. Colin has delivered over 200 presentations on improving performance, business development and building relationships in some 40 countries.

Colin’s early career was in marketing and general management with the Longman Group and Xerox. He is a former course director of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Marketing Directors’ Workshop and International Marketing Programme and the author of over 40 books and reports including ‘Talent Management 2’ and ‘Transforming Knowledge Management’ on more affordable routes to high performance organisations, ‘The Knowledge Entrepreneur’ about creating new knowledge-based service offerings and ‘Winning Companies; Winning People’ which sets out what high performers do differently in areas vital for corporate success.  His recent books and reports show how better learning and performance support can be used to help ordinary people to excel at key corporate activities such as building relationships and take informed, responsible and sustainable buying decisions.