Customer Relationship Management

Some businesses and professional firms are much more successful than others at winning new business, learning about their customers and building mutually beneficial and more intimate and profitable relationships with them.

Find out how pioneering companies are using more integrated approaches to customer relationship management (CRM) to better support front line teams, boost their performance, win more new banking business and generate more income from existing customers.

While some organisations struggle to cope with the challenges of competition, uncertainty, retrenchment and change, discover what winners are doing differently to build their capabilities, seize new opportunities and grow market share, including during an era of uncertainty and tougher economic conditions in certain markets.

Learn how to simultaneously boost performance, build individual customer profitability, speed up responses, increase understanding of complex offerings, cut compliance costs, avoid risks, enable bespoke responses, reduce stress, support new ways of working and learning, and make it easier for staff to do difficult jobs and for customers and prospects to buy.

 Questions Addressed:

Is it possible to increase performance, build a profitable business and secure competitive advantage during a period of greater challenge and economic uncertainty?

In an era of more intense competition how could you differentiate your services, better engage customers and prospects, and win new customers as well as building better and more profitable relationships with existing ones?

What are the major challenges facing businesses and professional firms and how should they respond in areas such as customer segmentation, matching products to customers, treating customers as individuals, and lifetime customer value management?

Are there successful business development approaches which pioneers in competitive markets and regulated sectors, have used to achieve returns on investment of twenty times or more within a single year?

Could your approach to winning new business and building relationships with customers and other stakeholders be more effective? How could you boost returns on investment?

Does customer relationship management (CRM) increase sales force productivity and win more business? How could you make it easier for your people to sell, cross sell and build customer relationships?

What do your own people think about CRM? Is it viewed as an administrative chore? Does it provide a more effective way of selling?

What does CRM mean for your customers? How could you make it easier for them to understand what is available, assess options and buy what they need?

How could people in the front line be best equipped with what they need as and when it is required?

Does CRM have to be a cost? How can one quickly obtain large and multiple returns from your investments in CRM?

Are there better ways of building relationships with customers and cross-selling and up-selling to them? What are pioneers at the cutting edge in various sectors doing?

What does tomorrow’s approach to relationships management look like? How could you better engage with customers and prospects and better help customers to understand and address their own requirements?

Who should attend?

Senior management. Sales, account, marketing, business development, customer service, contact centre, CRM and IT directors, managers and consultants. Ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs, boards and/or management teams with a desire to better support those responsible for wining new business and building more productive, intimate, mutually rewarding and profitable relationships with customers.


To help businesses and services providers to understand new approaches to winning business and customer relationship management (CRM) and better ways of enabling front line teams to build more productive, intimate, mutually rewarding and profitable relationships with customers, by offering a critique of contemporary approaches to CRM and sharing the experiences of pioneers of a new approach that can boost performance and achieve multiple objectives, including very significant returns on investment.

Course Content

The course examines the challenges and opportunities facing businesses and professional firms in the contemporary business environment and compares the approaches of successful and unsuccessful business development teams and successful and unsuccessful adopters of CRM. It identifies missing elements in the approaches of many companies, and gives examples of a new approach to relationship management, and in particular new ways of helping average people in front-line or customer facing roles to emulate the approaches of high achievers who are most successful at winning new business and building more productive, intimate, mutually rewarding and profitable relationships with customers.

Course Topics

  • Understanding the context and business environment
  • Economic conditions as a challenge or business opportunity
  • Understanding the banking customer and identifying customer requirements
  • Issue Monitoring Exercise and SWOT analysis
  • Understanding what CRM high performers do differently
  • Differentiation and visioning
  • Customer recruitment and winning new business
  • Referral, repeat and cross selling
  • Networking, channels and collaboration
  • Customer service and customer value management
  • Building relationships with customers
  • Customer information and account profitability
  • Categorising customers and customer segmentation
  • Key commercial accounts and strategic customer relationships
  • Communicating with customers and treating them as individuals
  • Contemporary approaches to CRM
  • Effectiveness of relationship management and missing elements
  • CRM issues: reporting or supporting
  • Accessibility and ease of use
  • Customers for CRM: managers, front line staff or customers?
  • Ensuring an integrated approach and compliance
  • Successful approaches to building customer relationships
  • New ways of supporting front-line staff
  • Helping customers to understand, buy and help themselves
  • CRM in regulated environments
  • New approaches to risk management
  • Practical problems arising from the experience of pioneers
  • Key lessons for the successful implementation of a new approach to building relationships


Delegates will learn how imaginative companies are using a new and more integrated approach to enable people in front-line roles to increase new business win rates and develop bespoke responses to individual customers, while at the same time obtaining very significant returns on investment while reducing risk and ensuring compliance with regulatory and legal requirements.

Drawing upon the experiences of pioneers, attendees will discover key lessons of using a new generation of support tools for business development, account management, customer relations and contact centre staff. They will also appreciate that a period of economic uncertainty and greater competitiveness can be a good time to introduce the new approach to relationship management that is advocated.

Participants will understand what the most successful business development teams do differently in adopting a new and more integrated approach to winning new business and CRM in order to establish and build close, profitable, lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with customers by:

  • Identifying, understanding and responding to customer issues and requirements.
  • Better communicating with customers and helping them to understand and buy.
  • Treating customers as individuals, working with them and learning from them.
  • Making effective use of successful approaches and relevant support tools.
  • Capturing and sharing best practice and the approaches of ‘superstars’
  • Concentrating upon critical success factors for forging more intimate and mutually rewarding relationships.

Course Leader:

Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas, an experienced chairman of award winning companies,  leader of the winning business research and best practice programme, Consultant Editor of the ‘Close to the Customer’ series of 28 briefings on customer relationship management, Executive Editor of ‘Developing Strategic Customers & Key Accounts’ and author of ‘Winning Companies; Winning People’ has undertaken reviews of the processes and practices for winning business and building customer relationships of over 100 companies, helped over 100 boards and management teams to improve corporate performance, and spoken at over 300 national and international events in over 40 countries. He has held professorial appointments in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, India and China, and is the author of over 40 books and reports (see including ‘Winning Companies; Winning People’ on how a new generation of support tools can make it easy for average performers to excel at difficult jobs such as winning business and build customer relationships. Approaches and tools based upon his work have won innovation awards at national and international level.