CSR Overview

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has moved on from well meaning philanthropy and cosmetic initiatives designed to generate images and copy for an annual report.

CSR is integral to running a responsible business. CSR can be a core component of business strategy and contribute to the achievement of priority organizational objectives.

Towards this end, we work with our clients to:

  • Identify the strategic fit between CSR and business priorities
  • Develop and implement inclusive CSR programmes
  • Embed CSR across the business’s value proposition
  • Achieve better alignment of and leverage brand image and identity
  • Ensure effective engagement of stakeholders involved
  • Create sustainable value
  • Carryout impact assessments
  • Evaluate outcomes achieved
  • Champion fairness and inclusion

Elms Global can help companies and other organizations to develop and implement CSR initiatives that achieve:

  • Corporate goals;
  • Produce tangible, measurable and significant benefits;
  • Build mutually rewarding relationships and deliver returns on investment that match or exceed those achieved in other areas.

To draw on our experience and how we could support you with your CSR, please E-mail us on; info@elmsglobal.com