Consultancy Overview

At Elms Global the effectiveness of our consultancy services stems from our distinct and highly focused approach to project implementation as set-out below.

Needs assessment:

We build a thorough understanding of our client requirements and the value we are expected to deliver on any given project.


Having clarified understanding with our clients, we arrive at a vision of the change process and consider its implications for the project and the organization as a whole. In doing so we examine:

  1. The timing and pace of change.
  2. Who will be effected by it and how.
  3. Potential risks and how these could be mitigated.

Action Planning:

We develop a detailed plan of action needed to effect the intended change, build momentum and ensure effective engagement with all the stakeholders involved.

Define success:

Working jointly with our clients we set out the measures of project success and ensure they are linked to the organizations performance evaluation framework.


We keep a close eye on and at every stage of the project to see how it has performed and confirm to our clients if the aims of the project have been met and the intended outcomes achieved.

Ensure continuity:

We take responsibility to see that the lessons learned during project implementation are communicated and the skills of the various change agents are preserved and transferred on.

Evaluate performance:

We critically evaluate our own performance on the project and look at the lessons learnt, final outcomes and added value achieved and what we could do differently in the future.
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